It has become a tradition in the last few years that we would visit the German Christmas Markets around the middle of December, and there is nothing quite like it to properly get you into the festive spirit! This year was a bit extra special as I visited the university town of Göttingen where I went to school for a year back in 1993, and this was my first visit back! Saturday morning was spent on a trip down memory lane as I retraced my steps and visited my old school and the apartment block where me and my family stayed. Everything felt bizarrely smaller than what I remember, but it brought back such lovely memories. The rest of the day was spent mulling about all the stalls, enjoying the gluhwein and bratwurst (I am a big fan) and doing a last bit of Christmas shopping.


On Sunday, we took the train back to Hannover where they did not have one, not two, but THREE different Christmas markets! The first one is a traditional German market – and yes you’ve guessed it, more gluhwein and bratwurst! There was also a Finnish Christmas market and Historic market where all the stalls are dressed up as if it were the middle ages. And as an added bonus, in the middle of all three there is a manmade forest of fir trees where food and drink stalls are cosily hidden away, creating a fantastic atmosphere!


With less than two weeks to go until Christmas day, I can safely say that I am perfectly in the mood and very much looking forward to spend the time with family and friends! Even as I am writing this post I am listening to some classic Christmas songs… 🙂

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